• No technical knowledge of computers is necessary.
  • Must have an Email address that is operational.
  • Must bring your own Mac, Mac keyboard, mouse and power supply to each class.
    (If you are using a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, then the mouse/trackpad, and keyboard are, of course, attached.)
  • This course only applicable to Mac computers made from 2013 to present.
  • The operating system on your Mac must be one of the following:

    Version 10.9    OS X Mavericks      Year released:  2013
    Version 10.10  OS X Yosemite       Year released:  2014
    Version 10.11  OSX El Capitan      Year released:  2015
    Version 10.12  macOS Sierra         Year released:  2016
    Version 10.13  macOS High Sierra  Year released: Fall of 2017

  • Attendees must attend classes from the start of the first session (there are five).  Attendees may leave before the last session, but one cannot start attending only at later sessions.  This is because each session is built on the knowledge from the previous sessions and there is not enough time, nor is it fair to those have attended from the start, to help newcomers at later sessions catch up while others in the class wait.