8 Days in May


Watching over the new family.

Since I finished the preparatory work for my last essay, a lot has been happening in our corner of the province.  This year we’ve all be looking forward to Spring with more anticipation than usual.  I love it and during these past eight days, it has arrived on a grand scale.

Many male birds continue their songs in an effort to attract a mate, but others found a partner sometime back and now have a family to look after as can be seen in my lead image.

The greening of the trees is well underway and those with flowers are finally showing off.  With all this change and new life, my mood is improving as well…..thank goodness.

Last week, a blush of green on this hillside—this week a burgeoning of green.

Bow River Channel-1 pano-web

A meandering, tranquil branch of the Bow River amoungst Nature's new greenery.

One can’t throw caution to the wind.  I thought it was safe to put out my few annuals, but I should have kept to my ‘not before June 1’.  Two mornings after planting my annuals I awoke early enough to catch sight of the frost melting off the neighbours’ roofs.  I lost a few plants to that frost, but they can easily be replaced and keep my garden colour intact.

Mayday Tree.  Last week these were ready to burst open and in the past 8 days they have.

We friends continue our morning walks—socially ‘safe’.
Better than not getting out together, but not quite as enjoyable as it was.
Of course, that is mostly because there is no craic at our usual gathering places after our walk.

I’m now into the second half of my Septuagenarian years and feel very fortunate—grateful for what life has dealt me, so far.  Some visual delights I come across are new, but there are plenty that remind me of previous Spring seasons.  Those moments are delightful.

In a serendipitous moment, as I was driving to a location I’m monitoring for Spring scenes, the scene below caught my eye.  It not so much a Spring scene, but rather another reminder of the beauty where I live.  Somehow, I’m appreciating it more this year.

Cochrane pano-1

Cochrane West