A Book is Created

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We’ve made a book.  What an amazing feat.  Our little group of writers took the results of our last year of writing, put it together, edited the hell out of it until we didn’t want to read it again, and sent it off to be self-published.  We ordered many copies.  Surely someone will want one.

I subscribe to a couple of magazines/books of stories and poems.  I read each issue carefully, trying to figure out if my writing might be accepted for print.  Some of the prose in the book is readable and some doesn’t keep my interest beyond the first page.  Most of the short stories require swearing, sex, or death in the tale.  Mine don’t, yet that content seems to be what helps get one published.  Am I missing something?  Maybe it is good writing and I can’t recognise that.  My men friends know that profanity comes easily to me.  Probably that is why I keep it out of my writing.

I do have one thing about my writing that is aligned with the stories I read in these books.  A lot of my stories don’t go anywhere, they are just a slice of life.  Similarly, a lot of those published stories seem to be the same: hard to find a climax, no significant outcome, an ending that leaves you feeling you are standing in the middle of field of corn, stocks taller than you, and you can’t see or understand where to go.  I enjoy writing this type of story, but I don’t know why.

I don’t have a clue what this introspective talk with myself means.  I will keep on writing, because it is fun and I now enjoy and need to get together to share stories and ideas in our group.  This is a wonderful relationship that has grown out of nothing except an interest in story telling, but now is more.

I will try to improve not only my way with words, but, more importantly, how to determine a story line that is actually interesting.  One that will hold a reader until the end.  My journey continues.  I hope I can live long enough to achieve an outcome that I am satisfied with, or, correctly written, ‘with which I will be satisfied.’

Good grief!

PS:  If you are wondering why it is called ‘Table for Four’, yet there are only three of us, why don’t you get the book and find out.  Here is the link to the store: