A Tranquil Canmore

3 Sisters clearing clouds1-web

The 3 Sisters of Canmore

Sept. 12, 2016

I think I can be very selfish sometimes.  Today it was the selfishness of getting Canmore back.

I went up to Canmore to collect some things I had left at a gallery there and then I went for a long walk on the trails about town.  It was all very nice.  The reason why is that there were very few tourists to be seen.  September has arrived and the only people that were obviously tourists had grey hair and they were few.  Any young families were locals and the parents were picking up their kids from school.

The place was quiet and on the trails everyone I met I thought must be a local.  They all responded in a nice way to my greeting and looked happy to be doing so.  During the summer those greetings of mine were often met with a mumbled ‘something-or-other’ or nothing at all.

Anyway, I enjoyed the 5km walk about town.  I had a good latte at Mountain Mercato, but sulked a bit because Le Fournil (French bakery and coffee house) was not open.  Evidently they are not open on Mondays.  Could this be the last visit I make to Canmore on a Monday?  Highly likely.

The part of the walk I liked the best was along Spring Creek.  I started down by the Spring Creek development, made my way along the board walk, and then continued west as far as I could.  I finally turned and made my way down to the Bow River and then back to the town centre.

Spring Creek scene, Canmore

The number of expensive looking homes I saw on my walk where there was nobody present was astounding.  Clearly these are second homes to many with some affluence.  I’m not critical of this, in fact, I wouldn’t mind having one of those places myself.  However, not in this lifetime, I don’t think.  (Darn, I really need to be more diligent buying my Loto tickets.)

Canmore will continue to be calm during the weekdays until the skiing starts in earnest, so I think I’ll get up there a bit more this fall.

The day was all very nice.  Tonight we’ve got a forecast of -6ºC in Cochrane which is formally announcing fall is here.  Actually, the announcement is more like a slap across the face with a dirty great glove.  Normally this is my favourite time of the year, but considering the lousy summer we’ve had with all the rain and cloud, I’m not sure that I’m ready for fall quite yet this year.