Advice from a Grandparent (11.05.17)

As I struggled with a problem associated with my computer, I finally realised that I had taken a long time to get nowhere and decided to phone my favourite computer help line.  I had some success with this approach before and so was motivated to get the right person on the end of the  line to help me out.

After a very short wait I was greeted by Adele at the Canadian help centre.  After a bit of analysis Adele discerned that I needed to be transferred to a specialist on the product with which I was having trouble.  Again, after a very short time Sandra came on the line, confirmed my telephone number, in case we lost contact, and then asked me to go over my problem again with her so that she understood what I was concerned about.  I always find it a little frustrating to have to go over everything again, but I also realise that having me explain it will take just as much time as the erstwhile support person, so I just get on with it.  Sandra’s accent clearly placed her in the US of A.

Sandra listened, attentively, and then proceeded to explain why I was experiencing the problem I had been struggling with.   That first step was all very logical and I understood what was going on.  Nothing could have prepared me for the next stage in Sandra’s advise.

After some extended review of why I should now find it easy to solve my problem, Sandra asked me to take care to investigate and read carefully the help files available to me.

“Jack, you will find these files very helpful.  I use them constantly and have found most of the answers are there.  You know I’ve been doing this a very long time.  I have grandchildren.”

I guess this was her way of affirming that she was not a young, naive person, but it immediately made me wonder what sort of advise I was getting.  However, I couldn’t let this go by, so I got into a discussion about my grandchildren and over the next five to ten minutes Sandra and I learned quite a bit about our respective families.

We parted in good spirits, although the temptation to ask if I could speak to one of her grandchildren about my computer problem was on the tip of my tongue for most of our conversation.

I did follow her advice and read all about what I was suppose to do in the help files.  I followed all of the recommendations.  

I never did resolve my problem, but I guess it wasn’t as important as I thought because I’m really not bothered anymore.  The good thing was that Sandra and I learned just a little bit about each other in our respective corners of the world and I hope she felt as good about our little chat as I did.  

I’m quite pleased with myself.  Really.  Fifteen years ago I would have been ranting about the house and threatening to write letters of complaint.  I think I’ve come a long way in my advancing years and in the right direction.