April’s Monthly Moments

April 30, 2018

April was all about the weather this year.  The oscillation between spring and late winter was sort of normal, but the winter swings were more severe it terms of cold and snow than I can remember.  
I didn’t like it very much.

During my motorcycling days, prior to 2009, I always was able to head out to Canmore during the first week of April on the bike for my first breakfast of the motorcycling season.  Talk about a climate change!

Here is my collection of ‘moments’ from April.  

As I mentioned in my March writing ‘Spring?  Can’t Be’, I have a plan to create a collection of images each month and post them here at the end of the month.  Due to my flu that laid me up in January and February, my first go at this was at the end of March.  This is the April version and I will be working on producing something worth looking at (I hope) each month.  I don’t have any plan for the number of images I will post each time, but there will probably never be more than you see here.  Again, the impetus is to get my camera and me out and about actually doing some photography.  The focus will not be on words.   I’m looking forward to it.

PS.  That ‘focus’ bit was a bit silly.  Sorry.  It is just that for the past few months I have been ‘focussed on writing.