Cowboy and Sunset


Cochrane Cowboy at The Ranche


I had some fun last night with this image.  I was actually looking for a different image, but this caught my eye.  Interesting - there were no clouds in the sky until just before the sun set.  Then these showed up.  Talk about quick condensation.

Also prevalent was a strange cloud off to the side of the sun by about 25 sun diameters, but I wasn’t set up to photograph it.  I thought it was a sundog initially, but it didn’t have that look and was only on one side.  It was more brilliant and distinct than a sundog.  A fellow I know, who saw it as well, thought it was a noctilucent cloud.  What ever it was, I’d never seen anything like it before.  It was unique.

It was beautiful evening, but when the sun went below the horizon it was like a switch was turned and the mosquitoes (you know, the large, first crop variety) came out in force.  I went on my way pretty soon after that.