May Showers


A blush of Spring green

I’ve struggled to find Spring this week.  It started out in a hopeful way, but the arrival of Scotland-like weather with grey clouds and rain, pushed me back inside for another few days.  I didn’t like it much.

I looked for creative inspiration in imagery and words.  This turned out to be a hopeless task.  My creativity became firmly focussed on trying to sleep in, rather than being up with the sun by 5 am.  Even that was a challenge.

Last week I talked about finding some green this week to replace the beige.  I did get out early in the week, before the rain arrived, and caught the image above of the first glimpse of new green in the trees nearby.  Later in the week I was left with only photographs of rain soaked greenery shown below.

May Day Tree Blossoms ready to emerge

Through it all, the old song ‘April Showers’ kept being rewritten in my head.  The visuals of the original didn’t come close to happening in April, so I thought a revised version might well be sung around Cochrane—if anyone dare.  The words don’t quite flow off the tongue like the original, but you’ll get the idea.

    Though May showers might come your way
    They bring the flowers that bloom in June
    So if it's raining have no regrets
    Because it isn't raining rain you know, it's raining violets
    And where you see clouds upon the hills
    You soon will see crowds of daffodils1
    So keep on looking for a blue bird2
    And list'ning for his song
    Whenever May showers come along.

  1. Around Cochrane, we have crocuses rather than daffodils.  Still marvellous.
  2. As you can see from last weeks images, the bluebirds have arrived.