Old Games (11.04.06)

A granddaughter's birthday is just around the corner.  (Yes, I have more than one.)  She is incredibly well coordinated and I think will be quite the athlete when she grows up - only if she wants to of course.

I thought I would get her a gift that wasn't the norm and probably couldn't be found on the shelves of Toys R Us.  My mind drifted back to young girls playing 'ball and jacks' on the playground.  I thought, what a great hand-eye coordination game.

The next step was to get out there into the stores and find the game.  As I searched high and low in all the toy and game stores I could find, the years between my childhood and that of my granddaughter's was clarified.

In my search, I quickly learned to seek out those clerks who looked as though they wouldn't use the word 'like' to fill up their sentences to cover for the fact that they were not actually saying anything.  The answers to my consistent questions, "Do you have the Ball and Jacks game" and "Do you know what I mean?" were also consistent.  The answers were in reverse: "Yes" and "No".

I finally ran into a very nice young woman in Zellers who clarified my predicament.  "Oh yes sir, I know that game.  My brother and I play it every time we go over to our grandmother's.  Do you know, I've never seen it anywhere else.  We certainly don't have it here."

The search had defeated me; game, set and match.  I gave up and went home.