Seventy Three - Good Grief

Canmore Skyline on my 73rd birthday


When I turned 70 I must say that I didn’t give a lot of thought to what was ahead.  I was so pleased that I had made it that far.  I had a party that was full of memories and enjoyment with new and old friends and, or course, my family.  Back then, I thought how undisturbed I was in the face of this milestone.  Some I knew back then struggled with their 70th.

Well, I’ve just entered my 74th year on this earth and with this birthday I’m no longer as unflappable as I was a few years ago.  I can no longer think that the ‘old men’ are still in the distance.  No, I’m walking with them now.  I probably have been for a few years, but hadn’t yet figured that out.  Those who also are experiencing a slowly deteriorating body know exactly where I am on this journey.  How can three years make such a difference?

The day has been good, though.  One of my sons took me out for brunch at one of my favourite places up in Canmore.  We walked and talked about all sorts of things.  I enjoy talking things over with my sons.  I never had that chance with my father.  He died before I had matured enough to engage in meaningful, adult conversation with him.

I got an interesting present from my wife.  It is about the science of food.  She figured that anyone who would bother to measure the volume of water that came off of yogurt once it is opened and wondered why, could surely benefit from such a book.  By the way, a large container of 2% yogurt dissipates about a cup-and-a-quarter of water once it is opened.  Why is that anyway?  Why do I have to pay for water?

Anyway, it looks like a fascinating book; I mean, who can’t be interested in microscopic views of whipping cream between its state of liquid cream and its final state as that lovely, fat-filled bowl of ecstasy.  My left brain loves this sort of stuff.  I hear many people call it trivia.

I guess my thoughts have been a bit on the morbid side recently as we’ve been updating our wills, power of attorney, and personal directives.  However, this seems to be less depressing than it was fifteen years ago when we updated them the last time.  I’m not sure why.

The good part about a birthday at a ‘certain age’ at this time of year is that Spring arrives along with it.  Warmer days, singing birds, and the greening-up of everything.  I’m thrilled to be here to take it all in, once again.