Spring Signal


Our Spring Signal

No, I haven’t ‘lost it’ in this shutdown/social distancing mode we are all living with these days.  This image is truly the signal at our house that Spring is here or just around the corner.  Every year, during the first part of April, there is a day when, as the sun gradually appears more and more in the north sky, there is a morning when its light first pokes out from behind the house to the east of us, comes through our kitchen window, reflects off another window, and makes this light mark on the floor.  It only lasts for a short time each day before our house blocks the light.  I’ve named this our ‘Spring Signal’.  It always makes me feel good, because I know for certain that Spring is coming.

This year, I decided a few weeks ago, that I will produce a ‘My-Weekly Moment’ series of photos and essays focussed on Spring.  That should finish in early June, but it will provide an interesting challenge for me.  I hope you’ll come along on my visual exploration.