Artist's Statement

Photography supports memoirs, presents facts, records action, transmits to others beauty observed, and permits the creation of art without paint and brush.  The art is the element that goes deep - below the surface of the familiar - the element that makes one think or draws out a personal emotion.

Seeking that personal emotion is a challenge for the artist, regardless of the genre.  Because photography is formed from what is seen in real life in front of the lens, drawing out that emotion is difficult.  The painter and sculptor have the freedom to create what their minds have made of an image.  For a photographer to move from documentarian to artist is an incredible challenge. 

A viewer of photographic art will have an experience that will be unique within the context of their history and experience.  This means that the photograph must take the viewer beyond eye-catching composition, form, and/or colour and into the emotion that it invokes.  As a consequence, each person will usually have their own reaction to the image.

The best art is not captured by happenstance, but rather in a thought-out process from the initial sighting to the final printing.  This is a process that needs to be practised continuously to create an artistic outcome.  It often means waiting for the right light or returning to the same place many times to capture the photographer’s feeling.  Success is not easy.  For every photograph that satisfies the photographer enough to be presented to others there are normally hundreds that are not.

Jack Blair, Cochrane, Alberta - Canada